+arden . 17 . seattle mutant and proud


dogs are the best thing

i was susanstrom


my love

♥ ♥ lights of my life ♥ ♥


stike team hottie:

now please, whatever you do no more dying okay kurt. .

fightclubs replied to your post “fightclubs replied to your post:fightclubs replied to your post…”

you are setting off illegal fireworks. i’m here to arrest you

im to cool for the popo [sunglasses emoji]


If you wanna be my lover…

….you gotta be prepared for my hour-long rants about fictional female characters and why they are so important.

don’t give yourself /that/ much credit

too late im awesome *fireworks*

fightclubs replied to your post “*edward norton voice* i’m a huge fucking nerd”

i’m so proud of u for getting it right

im just that good

Anonymous said:
*edward norton voice* i'm a huge fucking nerd

humberts replied to your post “AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI”

ding din gidng

i was like i have lots of australian friends but celeste is the only one who would send me this

Anonymous said:
we used to talk a lot but not as much lately (I do hope we talk more again) I used to be a fandom blog but now I mostly post photography and my url is the misspelled name of an artist

benny!!! i miss you a lot we really should talk more <3<3

mutuals describe yourself on anon and i will guess who it is